It is I.

This is my new forum to engage a community, to log some of my reflections and to slow down in life. Although, I can be a bit anti-tech at times, I think blogging can foster virtuous habits. A friend, who happens to be a priest and graduate student, once commented to me that information overload can rob mankind of its ability to reflect. While I agree in part, I think blogging, however, is different. It can be a way to lasso a fleeting thought and making it subject to closer scrutiny. A recent Catholic convert released notes that he'd made for himself during his conversion process. How profound! I'm sure I've had strong turns in my thinking about significant issues, yet seldomly have I written out the cogent thoughts that led me to such a radical shift.

Anyway, I meant this as a test blog. Maybe my ramblings reveal a truer sense of my hope for this page. Please leave comments, disagreements, insights, etc.

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