Come one... come all

This weekend I attended a beautiful wedding. The priest who presided the mass was also the leader of a retreat I attended some weeks ago. The theme of celebrating well really stuck with me through both events as he encouraged us to continually celebrate the sacraments well.

I've been reflecting on what it means to celebrate your marriage everyday. Is washing the dishes or doing laundry a celebratory act? Dinner and a movie perhaps? I've become convinced that it begins with recognition. A recognition that starts as an intellectual lightning bolt, but leaves a residue in the form of your hearts disposition. Being disposed to love more fully or welcome a challenge can bring you to celebrate -- especially when what was previously a burden becomes a joy or the context for encountering the joy. I think parents must experience this. Changing diapers can't be the most thrilling work in the world -- but the joy that comes with caring for the child must move the heart in a deeper way. With that said -- have a happy Shrovetide and may your celebrations be abundant!

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